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Saraland Alabama

Come on down to Saraland, Alabama
Visit the deep south, you'll love it!

Located on the Mobile/Tensaw Delta
(considered by many as the most diverse river delta in North America),
just north of Mobile, Alabama

The population of Saraland is approximately 12,500.
The approximate number of families in Saraland is 4,494.
The approximate number of old fogies in Saraland is 14,
Most of them drink coffee at the Waffle House on Highway 158 every morning.
The approximate number of whitetail deer in Saraland is 15,842.
The approximate number of fishermen in Saraland is 12,500.
The approximate number of turkeys (the feathered kind) in Saraland is 8,673.
There are a few of the un-feathered kind too.
The amount of land area in Saraland is 29.523 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.075 sq kilometers.
Saraland is positioned 30.82 degrees north of the equator
and 88.09 degrees west of the prime meridian

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